Coso Galán (Box 36)

19,50 € tax incl.

Its creation reflects our desire to combine tradition with innovation through these six flavours: blood orange and Cointreau, green tea and Tahitian vanilla, passion fruit and Madagascar pink pepper, raspberry and an infusion of red fruits, chestnut and caramel, lemon and fresh mint.

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Suitable for a gluten-free diet.


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This assortment of chocolates takes its name from the name of the Company’s former facilities in Huesca, the origin of what is now its retail establishment. 

At Ascaso we have been making our own chocolates for over 40 years. To do this, our staff are mainly trained in France, at Valrhona’s Ecole du Grand Chocolat. We currently work with some thirty flavours, brought to life in an exclusive assortment of chocolates that change with the seasons, and seasonal produce. We also have three specific collections: Lamines, Tops and Coso Galán. 

Suitable for a gluten-free diet.