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  • 12,50 €

    Juicy ground almonds and chunks of ecological Quince cake. Presented in boxes that contains 10 parts, individually wrapped. Excellent conservation. Ideal for traveling, breakfasts, snacks or tea time.  Suitable for a gluten-free diet. We only ship to Spain

    12,50 €
  • 7,00 €

    Puff pastry with caramelized butter and natural lavender. Crispy and delicious, the portions are sold in boxes with a charming look. Perfect for travelling. We only ship to Spain

    7,00 €
  • 11,00 €

    An exquisite and simple candy, one of our best-known speciality confections thanks to the wonderful contrast of the egg yolk and sugar.  Suitable for a gluten-free diet. We only ship to Spain

    11,00 €
  • 6,50 €

    Bizcocho que toma su nombre del chocolate con el que se prepara la ganache para su elaboración. Este grand cru de 70% de cacao le aporta amargor y elegancia. Sencillo pero de enorme personalidad. We only ship to Spain

    6,50 €
  • 15,80 €

    In the land of oranges, how could we not have the magnificent combination of orange and chocolate? To make this confectionery we use orange slices lightly candied in their own juice (for a pure orange flavour) We only ship to Spain

    15,80 €
  • 24,20 €

    With the artisan methods of the purest tradition we manufacture our marron Glacé. The fruits, with the guarantee of origin, are selected among noble chestnuts, cook and confit with sugar, glucose, and pods of vanilla bourbon of Madagascar during a slow process.We only ship to Spain

    24,20 €
  • 10,90 €

    Unusually spongy, its name means in French that is elaborated with almonds (amande). This nut is the protagonist of this juicy cake, the recipe includes eggs, sugar, butter, coconut and orange. It is suitable for a gluten-free diet. We only ship to Spain

    10,90 €
  • 11,00 €

    Solo dos de los ingredientes básicos de la pastelería, huevo y azucar, trabajados de forma magistral consiguen que uno de los más tradicionales dulces españoles esté a la altura de los mejores. En cajas de innovador diseño. Apto para celiacos.  We only ship to Spain

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  • 20,80 €

    Ganache de chocolate Biskelia con leche, praliné con pipas saladas y leche confitada con chocolate Guanajá 70% de cacao. Disponible en nuestras tiendas de Huesca y Zaragoza y en nuestra tienda online. We only ship to Spain

    20,80 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items